We are the Harts.

It’s our greatest passion to not only get to know your product or the services you offer, but to really get to know YOU. The person behind the brand. To be able to get to the heart of who you are & why you first chose to pursue this brand of yours. When we create with this in mind we are able to photograph in a way that brings both the heart & value behind what you offer to shine through in the images we capture.



Living Louret

Alisa's work is AMAZING!! Not only does she take great photos,
but she's gone above and beyond and taught me so many more
things. She has taken the time to explain the basics about using
my camera and shooting, the editing process, she's helped me
with content planning and has truly just been a guide through
the entire process of developing my blog. She is so genuine,
extremely professional, and will go the extra mile for you! This
girl is hands down the best and I can't wait to continue working
with her!


What if I don't have a strong vision for my brand session?

Not to worry! We see this as a collaborative process. Together, we will work on style & inspiration boards to make sure that we have a clear vision of what we are trying to communicate through your images.

What if the location I want costs money to rent? Am I in charge of this fee?

Yes. We always love an inspiring place to shoot your brand session, but you will be in charge of booking the location and covering any fees associated with it.

If I'm not local to you, will you travel to me?

Absolutely! We are always down to travel anywhere! Additional travel fees may apply. We will discuss the details and any associated costs during our initial meeting.

Will you help me source models?

Yes, while we can't guarantee it, we will reach out to our pool of models to try to find the ones that are right for your session.

Can we do my brand session at the Cedar Haus?

Yes! Any of our clients are able to book their session at the Cedar Haus for no additional charge!